Full name

Ros Kovac




Welcome to my page!

Service I offer:

Portraiture, illustrations, concept art for different purposes. Personal use and commercial use.

Themes I work with: surreal, science fiction, dark fantasy and horror.

For prices information please contact me. The prices may vary, depending on the complexity of the image (full rendered background or plain background; style: realism or sketchy speed painting), and depending on the intended use of the piece (whether personal use or commercial use). I'll properly inform you the total price, before we start working together, and after I had read the description of your project.

About me:

I assisted to the local fine art university (IUESAPAR, now UNEARTE), where I learned several traditional techniques, including: sculpture, photography, videoart, performance. Eventually, I started using digital mediums (3D and photomanipulation), but it wasn't until mid 2008, that I settled for digital painting. Since, I've been doing small personal projects and honing my skills.

Since 2011, I have been working exclusively freelance.

Exhibitions and Publications:

SADM – October, 2011.
Esposé 10, Ballistic Publishing. 2012.
Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. Dark Horse, 2013.

Digital Art, Cover Illustration, Concept Art


Photoshop, Image manipulation